Stuttering and Public Speaking

This week is National Stuttering Awareness Week [May 9th – 15th]. The Stuttering Foundation recently sent out their Summer 2016 Newsletter and an interesting article about John Moore caught our attention.

Who is John Moore? He is a corporate marketing executive and has worked with companies such as Starbucks and Whole Foods. Another label Mr. Moore identifies with, according to the article, is stutterer. As a person who stutters, Mr. Moore manages his stuttering by using learned tools to minimize disfluencies and decrease avoidance behaviors. He even calls himself ‘The Stuttering Presenter’ and self-discloses to his audiences when making speeches.

Mr. Moore also shares some advice, included in the article, regarding public speaking. He discusses the importance of being in control and remembering that the audience wants you, as a speaker, to succeed. He also mentions other important pieces of advice. To read in further detail, please refer to the Summer 2016 Newsletter on The Stuttering Foundation website.


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